Review for Baby Dolls With Real Hair

baby dolls with real hair

Baby dolls with real hair have come a long way since the original Raggedy Ann doll worn out by generations of children. Today, a variety of highly realistic “reborn” baby dolls with realistic features, including wigs and hand-rooted natural hair, are available from a number of companies.

At the top of the reborn doll market is iCradle, whose dolls are made to look like actual infants, right down to their hand-painted features and texture-accurate hair. The company promotes creative play, enabling girls and boys to hone their nurturing skills with a lifelike baby doll. Zero Pam dolls are known for their Asian-style, eternally sleeping expressions and luxurious dark hair. Pinky Reborn's hand-painted dolls feature glass eyes, fine mohair and faux eyelashes—all of which enhance the doll’s realism.

The Ashton Drake Galleries has a large selection of lifelike reborn baby dolls, including the TERABITHIA line of dolls, which range from 16 inches to full size. The Ashton Drake Galleries also carries dolls from the Pinky and HOOMAI lines as well as the Funny House collection. OCSDOLL creates a selection of dolls with natural hand-rooted hair, while YASSUN offers an array of reborn baby dolls with realistic features, including lifelike skin.

Those on a budget can find realistic-looking reborn dolls through distributors such as PURSUEBABY and Pedolltree. Yesteria also has an inexpensive line of dolls, ranging in size from mid-length to tall. All of these baby dolls with real hair are made with a combination of high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, so they can be enjoyed for years to come. From luxury doll makers to budget-friendly distributors, there is something special for everyone.

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