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baby wife beater

Baby wife beater is a type of article of clothing that has been around for centuries. Originally, it was just a piece of sheer linen worn over the shoulders and upper chest of newly married women in some cultures. Today, however, baby wife beater refers to something much different. Fruit of the Loom, bambini, Spasilk, and Big Oshi are just a few of the big names in baby wife beaters – a tight sleeveless undershirt, usually made of 100 percent cotton that is lightweight but also fairly snug.

These baby wife beaters have become popular recently as a layering piece, often serving a functional role of showing off the wearer's muscles while providing a thin layer of protection from the sun. Furthermore, they are an especially popular choice with children and teenagers as a comfortable and stylish undershirt as part of an overall outfit. Their popularity is aided in no small part due to the endless possibilities for customization, styles and colors available – from solid colors to stripes, graphics, and unique trims like ruffles.

Aside from their use as a fashionable layer, baby wife beaters can provide superior comfort to the wearer by way of their breathable material, light weight and soft texture. While the snug fit may not be to everyone's taste, this type of undershirt can be a great choice for active wear as well due to its wicking properties, making it a great choice as a gym undershirt as well.

Baby wife beaters may have a controversial name but there is no denying their popularity and practicality. While they may have originated centuries ago, in a very different capacity, today's baby wife beaters truly offer something for everyone. Fruit of the Loom, bambini, Spasilk and Big Oshi are big names in the undershirt industry and their offerings are both varied and of great quality. Whether you are looking for a fashion statement, protection from the sun, or increased comfort and breathability, baby wife beater may just be the perfect choice for you.

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